Revere/Rice Cove

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Revere Rice Cove

Revere-Rice Cove Community Center will be OPEN Friday, July 7 at 6:00PM. Come by and sit a spell, have dinner ($5. plate), play set back, pool, ping pong or just talk to neighbors. Take out available. Pass the word. Everyone is welcome. BJ & Barb 🎱🍔🌭🍪🍱🍽

Address:   3980 Revere Road
From Mars Hill
-213 to Marshall
-Right onto Fisher’s Lane
-End of Fisher’s Lane Take another Right
-Cross Walnut Mtn
-Go to Big Laurel Baptist Church = Turn Left at bridge & /church
-Pass brick house on Left = Next Road to Left Turn onto Revere Rd
-Follow Revere Road until you come to the Community Center  on the Left
Coming from Hot Springs
-Laurel River Turn Left onto 208
-Follow 208 to Gunter Town Rd = Turn right
-Gunter Town Rd = Turn Right onto Revere Rd
-Follow Revere Rd until you come to community Center = n the Right

Revere-Rice Cove Community Center will be OPEN this Friday, JUNE 30. Pass the word. Everyone welcome. BJ & Barb 🎱🍔🌭🍪