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County Profile Madison County (NC) January 2017 Demographics


Caregivers Initiative:

Caregivers who share their story  can get a $50.00 gift card. Please share this with caregivers you know.
Visit to view the updated story collection form, and the gift card options.
Concept:  Every day, family caregivers deliver. They deliver medicine. They deliver meals. They deliver love.  Now, it’s our turn to deliver to them.  When family caregivers share their stories with AARP, we’ll deliver a gift card for groceries, gas or the drug store.  It’s our way to make their lives a little easier.  We’ll also continue to fight for more support for family caregivers: help at home, training, financial help, relief, and more.  That’s how AARP continues to deliver for family caregivers.
Incentive: Each family caregiver who shares his or her story with AARP via I Heart Caregivers will receive a $50 gift card for groceries, gas, or the drug store.  Visit to view the updated story collection form, and the gift card options.
Please call 919-274-2598 if you have any questions!
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Madison County Democrats TAKE our Political Responsibilities VERY Seriously!

The Democratic Voter Turnout for the November 8, 2017 Election was 70.1 % of the Registered Democratic Voters in Madison County. The number of Madison County NC Registered Democrats who voted in the November 8, 2016 were 4,553 out of 6,470.

This is the Voting Data by Precinct in Madison County, NC for the November 8, 2016 General Election.

Precinct Election Results

Precinct Election Results
Beech Glen 686 of 926 = 74.1%
Ebbs Chapel 209 of 302 = 69.2%
Grapevine 315 of 470 = 67.0 %
Hot Springs 282 of 413 = 68.3%
Laurel   257 of 459 = 56.0%  
There was NO Early Voting Site on Laurel this Election. This GREATLY Impacted our elderly voters, and working voters who were Challenged to get to the Polls during the hours the Polls were Open.  We MUST do better by Laurel in the next election!
Mars Hill 979 0f 1,290 = 75.9%
North Marshall 708 of 1,022 = 69.3%
Revere-Rice Cove 122 of 166 = 73.5%
Sandy Mush 134 of 184 = 72.8%
Spring Creek 245 of 351 = 69.8%
South Marshall 272 of 411 = 66.2%
Walnut 344 of 467 = 73.7%

Information Distribution Challenges across Madison County

  • There are many sections of the county which do not have “net” access, slow “net” access or limited “net” assess
  • These are reasons we have to use a variety of means to get information across the county

COST and Membership Information

  • There are No COST or Little Cost to Democratic Event participants
  • There are no charges for party membership
  • Democratic Women’s Club has a $20.00 annual membership
  • Democratic Men’s Club has a $20.00 annual membership
  • The Liston B. Ramsey Gala has a $35.00 ticket cost
  • Our Picnics, At Home Pot Luck Supper’s, Cooperative Extension Pot Luck Suppers, and Fish Fry Dinners have no cost
  • We hold events across the county in which Democratic Candidates are allowed to meet the public

Our Madison County Democratic Party uses the following methods to get Party Information out to the Party and the Public — We Sponsored:

  • Picnics
  • Pot luck suppers
  • Liston B. Ramsey Gala
  • Individual home events at which State and Local Candidates could meet the public one-on-one and discuss issues
  • A Democratic Tent at the Lunsford Festival to give out information
  • A Democratic Tent at the Madison County Fair to help over twenty-five Democratic candidates running for office this past election cycle
  • Handed out hundreds of Slate Cards at every Early Site Polling Place each day
  • Handed out hundreds of Slate Cards at every Polling Site on Election Day
  • There were 2,300 + Households in Madison County called in our GET OUT THE VOTE Effort — calls encouraged county residents to register to vote, go vote and support Democratic candidates and agenda
  • Many Meet the Candidates events were sponsored by individual Democrats in their homes across the county
  • Meet your Neighbors with Pot Luck Suppers sponsored by individuals in their homes across the county
  • Had Democratic Headquarters in Marshall for months prior to the Election staffed several days a week for drop-in voting and registering information

Democratic Women’ Club — Robin Roe: President

  • Logged over 2,000 Hours of Political Work and Volunteer Efforts during the Election Cycle

Democratic Men’s Club –Co-Presidents: John Gosnell & Neil Roe

  • Logged hundreds of hours of Political Work and helped the Democratic Women at every event they held
  • Democratic Women’s Meetings and Democratic Men’s Meeting promoted Information and Calendar sharing
  • Every Democratic Women’s Club Meeting and Democratic Men’s Club Meeting announced All up-coming events at every meeting they hold

Political Meeting Information

  • 11th District Democratic Meetings were held at Lake Junaluska or Buncombe County Headquarters
  • Members of the Madison County Executive Officers attended every one of the meetings in 2016 & we have done to do so in 2017
  • We share with this group all events we are having or planning to hold in Madison County
  • North Carolina State Democratic Party Meeting in Raleigh and other eastern sites meetings
  • Members of the Madison County Executive Officers attended every one of the meetings in 2016 & we have continued to do so done in 2017
  • Madison County Democratic Executive Committee Meetings
    • The Executive Committee Officers met monthly in an hour(s) long Work Session prior to the Executive Meeting in the Courtroom
    • The Madison County Executive Committee meet monthly in the Madison County Courtroom weather permitting

Informational Tools We Used — This is not a complete listing 

  • Internet mailings telling of events & giving their locations & times
  • Website for the Madison County Democrat Party
  • News Record & Sentinel (local NewsPaper) articles and information in Out & About for 2017
  • During the last year we have used three different websites for the party
  • Snail mail mailings to our chairs as well as e-mails to our chairs
  • Monthly Precinct meetings — Party Information & Calendars distributed
  • Scheduled Executive Committee meetings in the courtroom which was open to Precinct chairs, Precinct officers and any registered Democrat
  • Announcements of up-coming events are made at ALL our party events and meetings
  • Announcements and calendars are made during every County Convention
  • 10 + Major Madison County Democratic Party Met The Candidate Events were held in the county prior to the November 8, 2016 election
  • Candidate Roy Copper visited the county several times
  • Flyers announcing up-coming events were put up across the county
  • Numerous Meet Our Candidate Events were held across the county during the election cycle. There was no charge to attend!

We do not use Facebook



Larry B. Leake and daughter AE (Allie) Leake. Mr. Leake was sworn in by Honorable Ted McEntire to serve as District Court Judge for the 24th Judicial District serving Madison, Yancey, Mitchel, Avery and Watauga Counties. — with Allie Leake and Larry Leake at Madison County Courthouse (Marshall, North Carolina)

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