Karen Blevins

Vote for Karen Blevins Madison County Board of Education Chair
November 6, 2018

Won Election

Hello, my name is Karen Blevins.  I am excited to be running for Chairman of the Madison County Board of Education.

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I have served and advocated for the educational needs of our county’s children for 31 years as a teacher at Marshall Elementary and Madison High School and as a parent with my three children who were educated in our school system.

Now as a retired teacher and active community member running for School Board Chair, I will continue working and advocating for the education of ALL our children.

My vision is to provide leadership that will foster collaboration between students, teachers, administration, parents, and community to provide the best education for all our children.

My heart has always been with the students which is why I chose to remain a classroom teacher during my tenure.

I strongly believe Madison County has tremendous teachers and staff.  Our teachers work hard to see that each student reaches their potential so they may follow their own path to success.

My goals are:

  • To see that our teachers are supplied with tools and resources necessary to run successful classrooms.
  • To focus on our early childhood program to make it better.
  • To bring in an early learning curriculum to help prepare children for kindergarten.
  • To be continually updating technology to make sure our students are ready for the 21st
  • To integrate programs such as the “1 to 1 initiative” that is being used in the middle school. This program needs to be integrated into the high school and early college.
  • To work for a better facility for the Alternative School to improve its effectiveness.
  • To improve safety in all our schools, in all aspects. This is constantly on all our minds. Our schools need to be continually looking at their safety measures and improving them as needed. One way to ensure this to continually working with law enforcement.
  • To provide drug education as part of our curriculum. Being a young person today is hard enough without the trials of substance addiction.  Opioid addiction is rampant.  Our county, schools, parents, students, law enforcement, and county commissioners need to come together to develop a plan to address this detriment to our kids and their educational development.

These are a few of my goals for our school system.  I realize there are many more.

I look forward to talking with the people in Madison County, hearing ideas, and suggestions for school improvement.

I will be glad to answer any questions you have.  I can be reached by email at:  Karen Blevins krbsbj@yahoo.com.

I would greatly appreciate your vote on November 6th.