11th Congressional District

Hello NC Congressional District 11 Democrats!

The 2018 Election Cycle is in full-swing, and the excitement is growing to Break the Majority in Raleigh, and take back at least one of the chambers in Washington DC.  You’ve likely heard about the Blue Wave of Democrats winning seats across the country, however that won’t happen without volunteers like you working hard to strengthen our County Parties, and being prepared to Get-Out-The-Vote for our Democratic candidates, up-and-down the ticket.


I hope you’ve had a chance to meet each of the three very qualified candidates running for the House of Representatives, Mr. Phillip Price, Dr. Scott Donaldson, and Dr. Steve Woodsmall.  If not, there are still at last two opportunities to attend a forum.

The Haywood County Democrat Women’s Club, Democrat Men and Senior Democrats are partnering with the Mountaineer to hold a Candidate Forum for District 11 Congressional candidates Dr. Scott Donaldson, Phillip Price and Dr. Steve Woodsmall on Monday, April 16 at 6:30 pm at the Colonial Theater, 53 Park Street in Canton.  The forum will be moderated by political analyst, Chris Cooper.

The Clay County Democratic Party will host the 3 candidates on Sunday, April 22 at 3pm at the Hinton Rural Life Center, 2330 Hinton Center Road in Hayesville.

Additional information on our candidates can be found on our website, by clicking on the candidate’s image at https://www.nc11democrats.org/candidates/

Early voting begins on Thursday, April 19th with varying times in each County.   Please check with your County Democratic Party for days, times and locations.

Why vote early?  Not only will you avoid the chance of inclement weather or unexpected emergency, but you’ll also be available to volunteer on Election Day.  Voters who vote in the Primary are much more likely to turn-out for the General Election, so let’s shoot for getting at least a 30% Primary turnout.  Although that sounds ambitious, it’s very doable!  We can easily top the 2014 statewide turnout of 15.79% as we strive for the 2016 turnout of 35.69%.

Our candidates are counting on us…so WE CAN DO THIS!


We’re very excited to have launched our County and Precinct Organizing training sessions across the District.  There’s been a fantastic turnout and very positive feedback from the approximately 140 volunteers who have attended so far.  Training covers the basics of precinct and county organization, active listening, VoteBuilder and How to Organize a Canvass & Phone Bank, all the basic resources needed to get-out-the-vote for our candidates.

Thank you to outstanding and professional quality volunteers who are providing training:  Arch Ramos, Liz Agnello, Ted Owen, Julia Buckner, Jeff Rose, Julia Montenea, Glenda Overbeck, Geneva Neeriemer, Jerry Dillashaw, and Patrick Kilroy.

Two more opportunities are available to Party officers and volunteers!  April 21 in Hendersonville and April 28 in Burnsville from 9am to 2pm.  Due to campaign finance laws, training is limited to Party volunteers.

Click on the respective RSVP links below to register:

Hendersonville at the City Operations Center:  Please RSVP by April 19 by clicking on this link https://act.myngp.com/forms/-4117689347137534208

Burnsville at the Yancey Sr. Center:  Please RSVP by April 26 by clicking on this link https://act.myngp.com/forms/-3901516565023750400


Our 2018 Convention will be held on Saturday, May 5 with registration at 11:00 am, the convention beginning at noon in the Charles M. Beall Auditorium at Haywood Community College, 185 Freedlander Drive in Clyde, NC.

The agenda will include an election to fill the vacancy of the NC CD11 1st Vice Chair.  The 1st VC is a working, volunteer position that will assist the District Chair and act as coordinator of the implementation of the Strategic Plan; plan bi-monthly meetings, executive committee meeting and district conventions; and preside at meetings in the absence of the chair.

Additional elections include 1) the election of a member of Biennial State Convention Committee on Credentials and Appeals (2-year term: must attend N.C.D.P. Convention June 9, 2018); 2) Election of a member of the N.C.D.P. Council of Review  (2-year term: meet when complaint is filed; meetings held at Goodwin House, Raleigh); and 3) iii. Election of member of the Resolutions and Platform Committee (2-year term: meet 4 times/year concerning resolutions for SEC meetings & to develop Party Platform).

If you’re interested in being elected to any of these positions, please be prepared to be nominated from the floor at the convention.

In addition to hearing from our candidates, other agenda items include our Guest Speaker, the Honorable Senator Terry Van Duyn, NC Senate District 49; Comments from Chief Superior Court Judge Brad Letts, District 30 B on “Gerrymandering Our Courts”; and the presentation of Resolutions passed at County Conventions, facilitated by Doug Jones.

Delegates will receive a full agenda, rules and resolutions from their County Chair prior to the convention.



The annual Liston B. Ramsey Dinner will immediately follow the convention this year at the Waynesville Golf Inn and Resort, 176 Country Club Drive.  Social Hour at 4:00 pm; followed by dinner & program at 5:00 pm.  Our Guest Speaker will be the Honorable Mayor of Canton, Zeb Smathers.

This year, since dinner follows the convention, the dress code is COMFORTABLE ATTIRE!  No need to go home and change clothes for dinner!

Tickets are $40 ($35 for Young Democrats)

For planning purposes, please purchase your ticket in advance on-line at https://secure.actblue.com/donate/listonbramsey#basics


I hope you find this information helpful and informative.  Please join us for next bi-monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 6th at 6:30 pm at the Buncombe County Democratic HQ, 951 Old Fairview Road in Asheville.

In the meantime, and every day, stay in touch with your County Chair to remain up-to-date on volunteer opportunities to support your local candidates.

United We Win,
Kathy Sinclair, Chair
NC CD11 Democratic Part


District 11 Democratic Party

County and Precinct Officer Training
Saturday, April 28th
9am – 2pm
Yancey Senior Center
503 Medical Campus Drive, Burnsville NC  28714
RSVP by Thursday, April 26 by clicking on this link

We’re exciting to launch the first District 11 training sessions for Democratic County and Precinct officers!  This training has been developed to provide valuable resources for County Parties to grow into a sustainable organization and be prepared to get-out-the-vote for all Democratic candidates at all times!

As we certainly feel and know, 2018 is a very, very important election year.  Across the country we’re seeing a Blue Wave of Democrats being elected at all levels of government.  But that’s not happening by accident!  It a direct result of strong, Democratic County Party Organization!

County Parties need to function 365 days every year.  That means recruiting volunteers, fundraising, maintaining voter files, and being aware of issues that affect all people in our communities.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!  Please make every effort to have all County and Precinct Officers and “key” volunteers in attendance.  Campaign volunteers are welcome to attend “Listening” & VoteBuilder.  Sorry, but we’re unable to offer this training to groups such as Our Revolution, Indivisible, etc.

9:00am – Precinct 101: Basic literacy for county and precinct organization.  Learn how to build a year-round, functional, and sustainable organization to supporting campaigns’ Get-Out-The-Vote efforts.

11:00am – Listening:  In today’s political climate it has become increasingly more difficult to have civil conversations when we disagree.  Participants will learn to how to ask open-ended questions and have a dialogue which can lead to a fuller understanding of why a person feels and believes as they do.

A light lunch will be provided as we continue training.

12:30pm: Choose 1 of the following 2 Breakout Sessions

1) VoteBuilder:  VoteBuilder is the best voter contact tool currently available. It allows us to organize our data, identify and talk to specific groups of voters that we need to target, manage our volunteer teams, and track our progress.

By the end of this training you will be able to pull up voter profiles of individual voters; create targeted lists of voters to contact via phonebanking or canvassing; share lists with volunteers via VoteBuilder and PDF; and enter data gathered through phonebanking and canvassing into VoteBuilder.

 2) Phone Bank / Canvass:  Learn how to organize phone banks and canvasses for the purpose of recruiting volunteers, gathering data, and providing information that will lead to increased voter turnout for Democratic candidates.

Kathy Sinclair, Chair, NC CD11 Democratic Party, kvsinclair4610@gmail.com   (828) 242-5807

As of this morning, Dec. 8, 2017, NC District 11 has 3 Democratic candidates running in the 2018 primary for the Congressional seat.
Dr. Steven Woodsmall from Transylvania County joins Phillip Price from McDowell County and Dr. Scott Donaldson from Henderson County.  To help inform and educate our voters, please invite all of these candidates to your events and encourage voters to visit their websites and Facebook pages.  We wish each of them the very best of luck.
Here are the links:
Phillip Price – https://price4wnc.org/ , https://www.facebook.com/phill ippriceforcongress/ , @phillippriceforcongress
Steven Woodsmall – https://www.facebook.com/Woods mallforCongress2018/ , @woodsmallforcongress2018
United We Win,
Kathy Sinclair, Chair

Details from the Dec. 6, 2017 District 11 Meeting

Julia provided a very interesting “County Training Preview.” She created a graphic on newsprint that indicated the roles of counties & their precincts and candidates. The county/precinct’s role is basically to organize and insure that the democratic base/core voters will vote  (and not allow themselves to be divided if their favored candidate did not win in the primary.) The goal, of course, is to elect Democrats.
The candidate’s job is to focus mostly on “Persuadables” — unaffiliated community members or even Republicans who might tip either way. Their job is to broaden the net beyond core Dem voters into the community to maximize engagement beyond the role of precinct workers who need to engage  and motivate their precinct members to Get Out The Vote. This distinction was very interesting. She relayed much more info.
A second mini-workshop involved Listening Training. This training focused on ways to listen, how to ask questions that deepen understanding and build relationships, how to avoid getting into a debating contest, and how to manage challenging statements that get under our skin.

Upcoming Dates for 2018 from the District 11 Meeting on Dec. 6, 2017

January 3, 2018:  A full D-ll meeting will not be held in Asheville in January. Instead, all counties will meet by clusters. Our cluster is composed of Haywood, Madison, and Yancy. Norm Hoffman and/or Myrna Campbell from Haywood will organize the meeting. The agenda items that were suggested were (1) Focus on common races, and (2) Strategies for getting out the vote but the agenda can be whatever our cluster wants it to be.
February March & onward D-11 meetings will resume at the Buncombe Dem Headquarters bldg (as far as I know).
January 27    SEC Meeting
Feb 5-19         Precinct organization period
February 7    Next full Executive committee meeting — TENTATIVE
March 24-31     County Conventions (8 day period)
April 14         Unity dinner in Raleigh
May 5         District Conventions
April 28        Training day for members of all county clusters. Training that will include us will be coordinated by members of Yancy County. I believe Shirlyn Sullins will be contacting us about details. Topics may include: Listening, canvassing, phone banking, vote building, conducting meetings.
June 9         State Convention in Raleigh
June 9         Sanford Hunt Frye in Raleigh
October 6     Western Gala in Asheville

NC District 11 Democratic Party
Monthly Meeting
October 4, 2017, 6:30 PM
Buncombe County DP Headquarters


NC Congressional District 11 Democratic Party
Monthly Meeting
Wednesday, July 5, 2017
6:30 PM
Buncombe County Democratic Party Headquarters
951 Old Fairview Road, Asheville, NC  28803

 County Executive Committees and links:

2017 – 2019 Elected Officials for the 11th Congressional District

Chairwoman:  Kathy Sinclair
1st Vice Chair:  Brian Burgess
2nd Vice Chair:  Canyon Woodward
3rd Vice Chair:   Lorenzo Pedro 
Secretary:  Norm Bossert
Treasurer:  Gayle Wayne